Monday, May 28, 2012

Airman Ragz Reports as ordered!

Airman Dj Ragz USAF 1992 - 1996. On some non-musical info, yes I did serve in the US Air Force. When I first joined the Air Force it was not for my country. I was headed in the wrong direction and I needed some more discipline, guidance and an income. My parents were great parents but I was beyond stubborn and just had to figure out life on my own. I had a lack of respect for society and did not understand really how life worked. I was terrible at school, in fact so terrible that I had to get my diploma at a night school. I knew I needed change. When I got to basic training I had a really tough time with it because of all the bad decisions I was making in High School. I didnt think I was going to make it and there were several nights of crying under the covers when it was bed time. When I graduated basic training I got to text school as a Financial Services Specialist. This was a whole new challenge because we had freedom and I was in school to learn a trade (accounting), something that I was very very bad at. Luckily I concentrated 100% and studied more than anyone else in my graduating class. I knew that if I messed up my opportunity in the Air Force I would be faced with a grim outlook mentally. I had to do this so I pushed through and graduated. My first assignment was a 15 month tour in Lajes Field, Azores, which is a group of islands 800 miles off the coast of portugal. When I got to this job I really struggled because my lack of caring about learning and this really made it difficult. I took was I learned in text school and applied it and once I started focusing and concentrating in my field I started to stop thinking about myself so much and I started to excel. Around the same time I started to see how life worked and how much the Air Force taught me. During this time, I started to see what our country is about. Our country is about opportunity and creating destiny. Once I realized this, I fell in love with my country and yes, I would have put it on the line for my country. Our country is a great nation. Don't get me wrong, Ive been to Germany, Italy, Spain and I love those areas, its no knock to other countries. I just love where Im from and I want to thank the Military and the great people in the Military today who put it on the line for us everyday. Weather your a bean counter or on the front lines, I love what you do! I respect you. One Love, Airman Ragz

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