Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Real Talk 2012

Ok so here I am and its 2012 and OOOOOO how time flies! I Have just accepted a job with beatrefinery.com in the Herndon VA area which is nice because its close to home. I will be teaching beginner/intermediate/advacne levels of mixing and scratching. I am so honored to be a part of this music school and I am excited to teach others what it is that I am so geeked about. To be honest, I will never be at the level I want to be at and I am still learning on the daily. So come on out if your trying to get on the decks and we will learn together. 2012 started out to be a tough year and it still has its challenges but Ive realized that this music stuff has kept me strong. So for me to be getting back out there from a little hiatus is great! Much love to all those out there who have had my back! Im back!!!! Your gonna hear why I say I am back when the new Jazz Addixx LP drops!

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