Saturday, September 22, 2012

Electrical Tape - Dj Ragz - Some Inside to why Im grinding

Ok So ive been really busy lately.  Feeling reinvented I decided to put together a Mix Cd.  This cd has some rare, exclusive, older, newer type stuff on it.  I was all over the place on it, but it kinda fit how ive been feeling about life.  I feel like I have opened up so much more to new ideas and thoughts and I have so many people to thank for that.  Most importantly I have my Mom to thank who recently passed.  Once I got beyond the whole struggle of the thought of a loved one passing and realized that it was a good thing because she was struggling,  it was time to revisit some things that I kind of let drift off.  There were 2 things that I let just roll away without a driver and that was my battling and my mix cds....................... Looks like Ive picked back up noth things and realized that Im not done.  Im not doing it to be the best or get props, Im just doing what I love and enjoying every minute of it.  I dont know, I feel like I am seeing things much more clear these days.  Music=Life for me, so yes, I will be that 85 year old dj in a battle or making mixtapes and I will be proud to do so. 

Electrical tape will be available on the 25th of this month.  They will be sold by itself or with a Tee Shirt so get at me if your interested.

Want to give an extra special shout out to the Jazz Addixx and Sinister Sound Set for being there for me through some pretty dark times.

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