Friday, May 3, 2013

Being a Dj Instructor at the Beat Refinery

I am an Instructor at the Beat Refinery in Herndon VA. I have been working there as an employee for over a year now. I teach beginning to advances levels of Mixing and Scratching and Ableton production. I have been a DJ since 1989. I have taught people over the years so I feel like I need to elaborate on what I see day in and day out. The first rule I have in my class is to have fun. The Second rule is to have discipline. The Biggest issue I have with society these days is that it seems the term hard work and practice is not fully utilized. This “give it to me now” online world we live in has made the normal attention span too short. There are some people who break this mold but it seems harder to find. I teach all ages so what I am about to say is not defined to one age. If you are taking classes with me and you have equipment at home, I will assign homework to you. I have some students who really utilize there spare time with doing this. I have one student who I call “T” who will not only do the homework but she branches out online watching youtube clips and online articles to make herself better. The result is that she is one of my best and fav students. I can see she has the true passion so practice is fun to her and not so much of a chore. I have a good friend named MUDD who taught me how to make beats. MUDD is my fav beat maker hands down, but I didn’t just listen to him. I branched out to several people and still do. When I learned to DJ, I learned from DJ Wolfe and Pauly Paul but I didn’t just take what they said. I study everyone. I am learning everyday. I may be an Instructor but I am far from the end all be all. I go to DJ Select to learn scratches ALL the time. With that being said, the Beat Refinery is the best source on the planet for learning things as a part of your platform to get you where you want to be in a short time frame. The Curriculum has been written buy some amazing Instructors and we teach in the correct order to learn things. We all have different teaching styles but we do follow a guide. The biggest thing I love about the Beat Refinery is that they post articles from other sources because the overall goal is to show people the correct way to DJ. The Beat Refinery is a business and with that being said, they still show different sources for learning. That is something that makes me Proud to work there. If you would like to take classes, you should check it out at Lets all expand beyond what we think is possible…………….. Peace, Ragz

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