Thursday, August 22, 2013

Behind the Routine 2013 USA Online World Finals

Ok so I made it into the World Online DMC Dj Finals 2013.  It is a huge honor to be apart of the DMC and I am so thankful to have made it.  When I made the routine that I did there was some reasoning behind the set.  The Intro sample of the set is Chino XL talking before he went in live and I am a fan.  The Music in the backround is the theme from back to the future flipped so lovely.  I wanted to use that particular theme because I have always been a fan of Dj Idee and in one of his sets, he used the scientist saying that he didnt care about all these old DJ's Making a comeback.  That was my little dedication to Idee.  Royce Da 5'9 saying "Come Come Now" is a sample that I used what I did the DJ track for the Up Coming Jazz Addixx LP.  The lords of the Underground set was a concept that I had in the 90's but never got it to pop.  I changed the placing of the words to give it a little more style.  The Hashim Al Naafiysh Juggle was a tribute to Dj Aladdin and his 1989 set and also the epic Battle between Cash Money and Joe Cooley when they both used that record against eachother.  There is a part in that juggle where I keep juggling the beat and throw in the "FEEL IT" sample and look up,  in that section, I was trying to pay tribute to Pumpin Pete in 1991 USADMC finals when he juggled Whistle's "Just Buggin" 5:44 seconds into the set. I wish there was a Deep Story to the Instrumental where I used the Nas Instrumental but really, I just loved that "Life is a Dice Game" 90's style beat. The Jay Z ending, well, as a underground artist for the most part, I guess you would say Jay is a Guilty Pleasure that I wanted to use and I felt like it was a fun was to end. At the end when I crossed my arms and started laughing, I was telling Foreign Objects that was in the room as I was recording that if I was a wrestler that would be my signature. (Foreign Objects is a Pro Wrestler that goes be Zema Ion). Ladies and Gents, I really can use your vote at Click Here to Vote for my set I want to thank everyone for the love and support. Its been a fun ride! If your feeling my set go vote and promote it.