Burgers and Sliders Preorder now available

With Burgers & Sliders we wanted to cover many styles and flows of the west and pay respect to it properly.  99.9 percent of the cuts were all west coast rappers. Really want to thank Un as well for taking those samples and some he found on his own and flipping many different sounds of G-funk.  Un captured a classic moment in time with an updated twist.  The burger references were all added on the back end by Un as well as the song order flow. Every part was so freestyle yet thought out if that makes any sense.  I’m proud of this project and Originally being from the west, I had to make something during my dj days that reflected that sound.  I’m so lucky to be working in a fun way.  The next food is 90 percent done and I couldn’t be more thankful than taking this journey with Unown. Thanks to Common Good Records we have a new release!

Utah Cut Session

Having a little get a way with some good friends. We are currently in Eden Ut and we spent a day in Park City. I was able to shake off some of the snowboard rust and spend some quality time with some good people. Today however, I just wanted to stay back and just relax and break out the portable turntable. Thank you to my buddy Danny for the help with the video. I will be riding a half day tomorrow and heading back to the east coast. I have had some ups and downs in 2018 and I am really glad I have some really amazing friends that inspire me to always stay “glass half full”. My roomies of 17 years are moving to Utah and I am happy for them that they have found a home that will give them the lifestyle they love. We went to a small bar in Park City called Melvin’s Public House which was cool cause it was more of a local spot. When in Utah do that as the Utahnians (Yes I made up Utahnians). Utah is beautiful!

JB's Jockin' The '80s - Jam Burglar

SO I know this guy by the name of Jam Burglar. Burglar is an “OG” DJ and as of late we have been in contact. JB hit me with this CD a while back and I happen to check it recently. I am guilty of not checking it right away. Life kinda got in the way and with no CD player in my car the listen was put off. Sadly I had to straighten my place up so I am not a total slob so I throw this mix on as I try to become more organized in my life. Listening to this mix made me very productive and I had a great time listening to this masterpiece! In this mix the 80’s are covered, you might hear a portion of a song, you might here just the drums of Tone Loc’s wild thing but never hear the actual songs. There are so many clever little hidden nuggets in this gem you have to listen to it a few times and you still won’t catch it all! SO do yourself a favor, download the mix here………. J A M B U R G L A R 8 0 ‘ s M I X

Kelly's House Party 2018

I work for Chris Styles Dj’s and I love working for the guy. One of the gigs he set me up with was for Kelly and her house party In MD earlier this month. Everyone at the party was really fun and came with the right vibes. It was one of those parties where I enjoyed partying while working. Kelly had a great list of songs she sent me prior to the event. I request that people give me a list of what they like because there is so much music out there it is hard guess what a crowd vibe is. Anyways, This was a rad night and I hope to party with this group again. At some point of the night I decided to record a couple hours of the night.

Records & Rarities - Tysons VA - Live - Dj Ragz - Black Friday 2018

I was the dj at the grand opening of the first Records & Rarities store. Since that time I have been a common fixture. I am a part of the Heavy Spinner Record Club which is also tied to Records and Rarities. They have discounts and meet ups…….. Its really cool. Anyways, They asked me to come in for Black Friday and spin a little. Great times! Thanks for having me!

2017 DC DMC Finals

Battling is a good way to keep yourself training to learn the things you need to do in a battle and it keeps the sword sharp. It turns me into a nervous wreck but there is that adrenaline rush that (once you get settled) I love. I have been battling since 1995 and although its not my main focus I still want to do well. My main focus is creating music but battling is enjoyable to me. I don’t go into a battle thinking i’m gonna win, I just want to represent well. Ive never had a perfect set and this by no means is perfect but at the same time, after this battle was over………….I partied in DC till the sun came up with Skruff, Jon Jon and Unown. My idea of the perfect day. Alot of the cuts were improv. Although I build my sets, I don’t memorize every cut or juggle. I play into the strengths of what I can do best while I am nervous. I went off the cuff a little on the Craig Mack Juggle and the cuts at the end.

Pre-Infinity Platter

So I am one of those Portable Dj Modification nerds. There is nothing like creating scratches on a turntable that you put together with parts from people who care about the culture. This was my first Numark PT01 with the following mods: Wrist band platter trick, start stop button, ultra pitch knob, Raiden Fader, lithium battery, hair tie tone arm trick, a platter ring and opened up the radius to the tonearm. This was an incredible turntable what I sold to good friend J Scrilla. Prior to having the infinity platter I had to keep putting the belt on the platter because the belt would slide off. This video is proof that it does happen at the wrong times. The infinity platter is stable and the belt tracks better for better torque but one of the best things to happen since I have purchased the Infinity Platter is that the belt stays on the platter! Available at http://infinityfaders.com/product/infinity-platter/ . I don’t know the company or have a vested interest. Just passing on the good word.

12-2 / One Loudoun / World of Beer / Saturday Night

You can catch me Dj'n at world of Beer this Saturday Night (12/2 at 9pm) at One Loudoun Ashburn.  I personally love this particular place and had been discussing this with some of the staff while I was a customer.  Im glad to have the opportunity to play for World of Beer.  If you love beer and music then come on out!  

World of beer has some really great IPA options! 

World of beer has some really great IPA options! 

Brooklyn Wedding

Kcromozone is a incredible emcee/engineer.   Kcromozone aka Chuck lives in New York and had his wedding in Brooklyn.  What an incredible evening.  Chuck had provided a list of what he wanted for Cocktail Hour and Dinner.  The reception was a combo of likes from the guest, the wedding couple and my go to wedding folder of music that is a sure shot.  Anyways, keeping the blog simple and clean so I won't go into depth, but the party was a ton of fun!  Cheers to you Chuck and your Wife.  Thank you for bringing me to New York to ensure your evening will be a true party.  

Amazing Couple, Amazing Backdrop, Amazing Evening

Amazing Couple, Amazing Backdrop, Amazing Evening