Arkitek 7 - Confidence

Long time friend (since the late 90's to be exact) has just re-emerged as Arkitek7.  This video was shot and edited in one day.  Filmed by Arkitek7 himself.  The song was recorded one night in a house that had not been lived in for quite some time and the furnishings were out of the 60's, 70's and 80's.  We set up a makeshift studio and were were working on something totally different.  We heard Arkitek7 (who was in his work clothes) dropping some really nice lines over a beat that Unown was showing us.  We decided to just ask Arkitek7 to get on the mic.  After a couple of passes he dropped this gem.  After he laid down the lyrics Unown did a quick mix on it and had secretly recorded Arkitek7 talking about being rusty but it being like jumping rope.  That little phrase at the end of the verse wasn't in the verse but Unown saw the vision.  After that was done I jumped on the turntables and just pulled up a Planet Asia acapella and the phrase I used really stood out.  Under thinking and planning when recording sometimes leads to really great results.