JB's Jockin' The '80s - Jam Burglar

SO I know this guy by the name of Jam Burglar. Burglar is an “OG” DJ and as of late we have been in contact. JB hit me with this CD a while back and I happen to check it recently. I am guilty of not checking it right away. Life kinda got in the way and with no CD player in my car the listen was put off. Sadly I had to straighten my place up so I am not a total slob so I throw this mix on as I try to become more organized in my life. Listening to this mix made me very productive and I had a great time listening to this masterpiece! In this mix the 80’s are covered, you might hear a portion of a song, you might here just the drums of Tone Loc’s wild thing but never hear the actual songs. There are so many clever little hidden nuggets in this gem you have to listen to it a few times and you still won’t catch it all! SO do yourself a favor, download the mix here………. J A M B U R G L A R 8 0 ‘ s M I X