Pre-Infinity Platter

So I am one of those Portable Dj Modification nerds. There is nothing like creating scratches on a turntable that you put together with parts from people who care about the culture. This was my first Numark PT01 with the following mods: Wrist band platter trick, start stop button, ultra pitch knob, Raiden Fader, lithium battery, hair tie tone arm trick, a platter ring and opened up the radius to the tonearm. This was an incredible turntable what I sold to good friend J Scrilla. Prior to having the infinity platter I had to keep putting the belt on the platter because the belt would slide off. This video is proof that it does happen at the wrong times. The infinity platter is stable and the belt tracks better for better torque but one of the best things to happen since I have purchased the Infinity Platter is that the belt stays on the platter! Available at . I don’t know the company or have a vested interest. Just passing on the good word.