Utah Cut Session

Having a little get a way with some good friends. We are currently in Eden Ut and we spent a day in Park City. I was able to shake off some of the snowboard rust and spend some quality time with some good people. Today however, I just wanted to stay back and just relax and break out the portable turntable. Thank you to my buddy Danny for the help with the video. I will be riding a half day tomorrow and heading back to the east coast. I have had some ups and downs in 2018 and I am really glad I have some really amazing friends that inspire me to always stay “glass half full”. My roomies of 17 years are moving to Utah and I am happy for them that they have found a home that will give them the lifestyle they love. We went to a small bar in Park City called Melvin’s Public House which was cool cause it was more of a local spot. When in Utah do that as the Utahnians (Yes I made up Utahnians). Utah is beautiful!