Burgers and Sliders now available

With Burgers & Sliders we wanted to cover many styles and flows of the west and pay respect to it properly.  99.9 percent of the cuts were all west coast rappers. Really want to thank Un as well for taking those samples and some he found on his own and flipping many different sounds of G-funk.  Un captured a classic moment in time with an updated twist.  The burger references were all added on the back end by Un as well as the song order flow. Every part was so freestyle yet thought out if that makes any sense.  I’m proud of this project and Originally being from the west, I had to make something during my dj days that reflected that sound.  I’m so lucky to be working in a fun way.  The next food is 90 percent done and I couldn’t be more thankful than taking this journey with Unown. Thanks to Common Good Records we have a new release!