E from Orange EP

I little while back I had some beats laying around and was talking to my buddy Bo Jankans who is a great friend/emcee from the Herndon VA area. One year we were doing shows almost weekly. We decided to make an EP where do the project as if we were at a live show. I had some really raw beats and the basic concept of doing an EP that feels like the color orange. They say great things come from the color orange so why not do an EP in that theme. I gave the beats to Bo and let him run with it. He never fails to impress me with his vision. Its a very short project that can be found in my digital releases section. The artwork is a painting by Jeremy Gann who is a fantastic artist in the Fredericksburg VA area. I dj art shows for him and he was kind enough to bless us with this one of a kind painting. Unwon engineered this project and really helped me with the theme. It wouldn’t have worked without my brothers help. Thank you guys……….