Pre-Infinity Platter

So I am one of those Portable Dj Modification nerds. There is nothing like creating scratches on a turntable that you put together with parts from people who care about the culture. This was my first Numark PT01 with the following mods: Wrist band platter trick, start stop button, ultra pitch knob, Raiden Fader, lithium battery, hair tie tone arm trick, a platter ring and opened up the radius to the tonearm. This was an incredible turntable what I sold to good friend J Scrilla. Prior to having the infinity platter I had to keep putting the belt on the platter because the belt would slide off. This video is proof that it does happen at the wrong times. The infinity platter is stable and the belt tracks better for better torque but one of the best things to happen since I have purchased the Infinity Platter is that the belt stays on the platter! Available at . I don’t know the company or have a vested interest. Just passing on the good word.

12-2 / One Loudoun / World of Beer / Saturday Night

You can catch me Dj'n at world of Beer this Saturday Night (12/2 at 9pm) at One Loudoun Ashburn.  I personally love this particular place and had been discussing this with some of the staff while I was a customer.  Im glad to have the opportunity to play for World of Beer.  If you love beer and music then come on out!  

World of beer has some really great IPA options! 

World of beer has some really great IPA options! 

Brooklyn Wedding

Kcromozone is a incredible emcee/engineer.   Kcromozone aka Chuck lives in New York and had his wedding in Brooklyn.  What an incredible evening.  Chuck had provided a list of what he wanted for Cocktail Hour and Dinner.  The reception was a combo of likes from the guest, the wedding couple and my go to wedding folder of music that is a sure shot.  Anyways, keeping the blog simple and clean so I won't go into depth, but the party was a ton of fun!  Cheers to you Chuck and your Wife.  Thank you for bringing me to New York to ensure your evening will be a true party.  

Amazing Couple, Amazing Backdrop, Amazing Evening

Amazing Couple, Amazing Backdrop, Amazing Evening

Tonight at Transit in Fairfax VA

Tonight I will be Dj'n a pre thanksgiving set with Childsplay.   I have known about Childplay for some time and Have really enjoyed what I have heard.  Really looking forward to improvising with him.  We had talked a few weeks ago about possibly working on something until we thought, "nah", lets just do what we do and see what happens.  Anyways, come out and celebrate with us.  Transit is a really long running party.  The longest that I know of in the DMV area.   



My Sister Rocks

I have so many great memories of my older bro and sis who both loved classic rock. I recently asked my sister for her for a list of classic rock songs that she use to cruise in her Firebird too. This list was completely put together by her. Thank you for helping me with this mix Ang. Love you! It was fun. This was recorded live off a improv. With live music not made on a drum machine, the tempos change quite a bit so it was fun to find different was of transitioning from song to song. I personally really enjoyed the songs and I hope you do too. What a great era.

I remember being a kid a listening to these songs.  Im glad my sis was excited to help me out with this.  Thanks Ang, Love you!  

Arkitek 7 - Confidence

Long time friend (since the late 90's to be exact) has just re-emerged as Arkitek7.  This video was shot and edited in one day.  Filmed by Arkitek7 himself.  The song was recorded one night in a house that had not been lived in for quite some time and the furnishings were out of the 60's, 70's and 80's.  We set up a makeshift studio and were were working on something totally different.  We heard Arkitek7 (who was in his work clothes) dropping some really nice lines over a beat that Unown was showing us.  We decided to just ask Arkitek7 to get on the mic.  After a couple of passes he dropped this gem.  After he laid down the lyrics Unown did a quick mix on it and had secretly recorded Arkitek7 talking about being rusty but it being like jumping rope.  That little phrase at the end of the verse wasn't in the verse but Unown saw the vision.  After that was done I jumped on the turntables and just pulled up a Planet Asia acapella and the phrase I used really stood out.  Under thinking and planning when recording sometimes leads to really great results.